Amethyst: Amethyst Natural healing Stone Spiritual awareness, it is very helpful, if you have a low self-esteem or hyper.



Agate: Agate Natural healing Stone an overall healing stone, ease depression because the emotions are balanced and therefore real joy is experienced.



Aquamarine: Aquamarine Natural healing Stone Stimulates the desire for higher knowledge. Great when experience fear and disorientation, excellent when there is an inability to express with others.



Aventurine: Aventurine Natural healing Stone Alleviates anxiety and buried fears, specifically from childhood. It brings you emotional tranquility, and helps become more positive toward life



Bloodstone: Bloodstone Natural healing Stone brings you to a higher state of consciousness, it spiritualizes the forces of the primary energy. It also gives you a sense of creativity and helps you make decisions by using your intuition.


Crystal Citrine: Crystal Citrine Natural healing Stone Stimulates a general balance within the physical body, it will help in alleviating self-destructive tendencies, it gives overall emotional well-being.



Fluorite: Fluorite Natural healing Stone If you live in chaos, sexual frustration and hyperactivity, fluorite will help bringing a sense of calmness, focus, and order in your life and feelings. Great for relaxing and meditation.


Jasper: Jasper Natural healing Stone Known as the gem for healing hidden fears, deep suppression of the subconscious, when there is an over activity in the dream state. It gives a stimulation of psychic faculties.



Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Natural healing Stone Stimulates creative visualizations and deep meditation. Brings courageousness and protects you from physical danger.



Malachite: Malachite We all experience constant changes in life, sometimes challenging changes, malachite are a gem of transformation and have the properties to help you through all the changes in life, easy.



Moonstone: Moonstone Natural healing is known as the Feminine gemstone, very helpful in getting pregnant. It is powerful when you work with emotions, particularly anxiety and stress, also emotional issues with your feminine side (mother, daughter, girlfriend…). It brings out nurturing and wisdom to all the women on earth.



Jade: Jade Natural healing StoneBeautiful gemstone, that has the power of generate unconditional love and psychic abilities, improves articulating your feelings.



White Quartz:White Quartz is closely connected with the energy forces of the universe. It makes you more aware and connected. It helps to relieve depression is good for your glandular system and specially adrenal glands. It helps and alleviates heart diseases, muscular issues, and neurological imbalances. White Quartz helps to get over hopelessness, and grief.